October 25, 2018

A new president for Teratec

Teratec announced the appointment of Daniel Verwaerde as its new President during its Open Door's Day event held on October 2 at the Teratec Campus.
On 27 September, the General Assembly elected Daniel Verwaerde as President of Teratec who acted as General Administrator of the CEA until last spring. Upon his appointment, Daniel Verwaerde warmly thanked Christian Saguez for his major contribution to the development and mastery of digital technologies in France and Europe, as Founding President of Teratec while he becomes its Honorary President. "I am particularly happy to be back with Teratec", Daniel Verwaerde said." I actively participated in its creation and followed its development. So, I am keen to continue this success by extending it to new areas, particularly extending its reach witin SMEs, and by making Teratec the European reference center for all digital technologies, from simulation and supercomputers to quantum computing and artificial intelligence".
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Teratec Campus

Open Doors’ Day at Teratec Campus next October 2, 2018. Find out about the Essonne region HiTech nugget

On October 2, from 09:30 to 17:30, the Teratec Campus, a competence center in digital technologies (Simulation, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence...) will open its doors with hosted HiTec Companies and the Very Large Computing Centre of the CEA so you can meet us and discover all our professions.

Whether you are a company manager, project leader or future engineer, come and exchange and share your vision of digital technology, your experiences and business needs. You will thus be able to discover how companies and laboratories installed on the Teratec Campus can help sustain your future developments.

The exhibition and demonstration area, the mini-conferences and a visit of the supercomputers will offer you a complete panorama of activities taking place on the Teratec Campus, concentrating advanced technologies in the heart of the Essonne region.

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Message of Christian Saguez

Teratec leading the way into the future

It is now widely acknowledged that digital technology, especially High-Performance Computing, Simulation and Big Data, is essential, indeed crucial, for competitive economic growth, national sovereignty and an advanced society.

Teratec, in bringing together all the key players in the field - technology providers, users, academic research centres, political and regional authorities -, is deeply committed to tackling and finding solutions to these challenges.

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SiMSEO : Implementing 77 service solutions offer in the Manufacturing and Construction industries

SiMSEO has sensitized more than 600 SMEs to the use of digital simulation and has already accompanied more than 180 SMEs to integrate digital simulation tools in the manufacturing and construction industries.

  • In the manufacturing industry, the SiMSEO program deployed 52 business service offerings covering design and manufacturing professions.
  • In the construction industry, 25 service offerings are currently deployed in the areas of structure, energy, acoustics, lighting and life-cycle analysis.

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Digital Challenges DataPoC

DataPoC Digital Challenges: 10 Proofs of Concept

On March 2, 2017, Teratec gathered 150 start-ups to launch 10 challenges to meet key demands of major manufacturers by offering breakthrough solutions! On 18 April 2017, 10 winners had already been selected.

Within a few months, 10 startups were implementing their PoC around Big Data and AI in various fields (City and Urban Systems, Food, Manufacturing and Security) with prestigious sponsors: Alstom, Airbus Safran Launchers, Axereal, GE, Gemalto, Noriap, and our major technology partner Intel.

A technical workshop focusing on Data, AI and architectures, was also organized by Intel on October 13, 2017 on the Teratec Campus.

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Digital Simulation Awards

Fourth Edition of the Numerical Simulation Trophies

Teratec, in partnership with L'Usine Digitale, organized on June 19, 2019 the 4th Digital Simulation Trophies as part of the Teratec Forum. This prize has rewarded the best French projects in HPC, Simulation and Big Data.

  • The Start-up trophy has been awarded to URBAN & YOU
  • The SME trophy has been awarded to MASA GROUP
  • The Innovation Trophy has been awarded to SOPRA STERIA GROUP
  • The Collaboration trophy has been awarded to SAFRAN TECH and its partners
  • The Grand Prix du Public has rewarded MECASTYLE

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Organized by L'Usine Digitale and Teratec in partnship with CEA, CRAY, DELL EMC, HPE and INRIA


All the latest news of HPC, Big Data and Simulation

Interviews and testimonies, interventions by public authorities, minutes of Teratec Forum, discussions between major players, market analysis, ...... find all the HPC, Big Data and Digital Simulation news on the WebTV Teratec . Read more

2nd call for High Performance Computing and Simulation projects

On January 12, 2015, the second call for projects supporting R&D in the field high performance computing and simulation opened.

This second round embraces the priorities of the "Supercomputers" plan's road map, which was approved on May 7, 2014 by the steering committee for the New "Industrial France," with President Hollande in attendance.

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French Supercomputers Plan of "the New Face of Industry in France"

This plan aims to place France as a world player in of high performance computing and improve the competitiveness of French industry by mastering and development of numerical simulation.
  • Push hardware and software technologies to achieve exaflop performance.
  • Reinforce the sector specific initiatives : Healthcare, Plants, City, Food Processing, Materials, Multimedia, Manufacturing, etc
  • Encourage small businesses and industrial firms to use more and more HPC technologies by supporting their plans to do so.
  • Implement appropriate advanced education systems across the country.

Presentation of the French Supercomputers Plan

Information about the "New Face of Industry in France





TERATEC Forum 2018

The big meeting of international experts in Simulation and Big Data held on June 19-20, 2018 at Ecole Polytechnique

The Plenary sessions have taken stock of the latest developments in digital technologies and measure their growing importance in the economy. Senior industry leaders have demonstrated the challenges of Simulation and Big Data for improving performance. Read more

The Workshops, animated by renowned international experts, presented promising emerging technologies in HPC and Big Data, as well as their new areas of application. Read more

On the Exhibition, over 70 exhibitors - software manufacturers and producers, integrators and distributors, service providers, cademic and laboratory researchers - presented their latest technologies and innovations in HPC, simulation and Big Data. Read more

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They have recently joined TERATEC

Complete list of the TERATEC members  

Teratec Training Workshops

Animated by TERATEC members, these training workshops aimed to present their latest hardware, software or services innovations, to give concrete examples of their use in an industrial context and to guide participants in their learning. Read more

Industrial research

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COLOC, a Successful Partnership!
The ITEA COLOC Project (The COncurrency and LOcality Challenge), started in July 2014, has just been successfully finished. Involving motivated and highly experienced partners this project did met a great part of the challenges associated with data locality in modern HPC infrastructures. Read more

POP free of charge services still help EU organisations improve performance of parallel software
The POP project is helping developers and users of computationally intensive programs to accelerate their execution and thus enable them address bigger problems in less time and at minimum cost. Read more

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The "Les Clés du Futur" White Paper

The "Les Clés du Futur" White Paper (Unlocking the Future), published to mark Teratec's 10th anniversary, presents the major directions in which technology in this sector is moving, describing new and conventional uses, as well as the related current and future challenges.

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13,000 square meters of offices in the first European Technopole dedicated to Simulation and High Performance Computing

Enter the core of innovation with TERATEC Campus
The purpose of the TERATEC Campus is to give professionals from the field of numerical simulation and high performance computing a dynamic and welcoming environment at the crossroads of innovation, based on three major areas: system architecture and performance, software development and services provision..

A customized offer thanks to an incubator and business hotel
At the heart of the TERATEC Campus, the Chamber of Trade and Industry of the region of Essonne accommodates you in a space of over 1,500 square meters, providing small, fitted office areas ranging from 15 to 280 square meters in size, including quality services and customized support to meet your development needs, whether you are a small or a large company. .



Multiple collaborations

TERATEC brings together different actors of the High Performance Simulation. In a place unique in France, it promotes exchanges and collaborations around the larger computing resources in Europe. Created at the initiative of CEA-DAM Ile de France, TERATEC offers its partners research and most advanced technologies in the field of numerical simulation. Read more

An essential factor in corporate competitiveness

High Performance Simulation is both an essential factor in corporate competitiveness and an absolutely vital tool for major scientific challenges. Thus it enables experts to design products more rapidly which are better suited to customers’ requirements and furthermore to analyse and understand complex phenomena.

Promoting High Performance Simulation is, therefore, a priority both for the industrial world as well as for the academic community and provides also an opportunity for IT specialized companies.

With this objective in mind major players in these different fields have created the Ter@tec association together with local authorities keen to develop technological activities in their territory. Read more

Report on "High Performance Simulation to boost competitiveness"

This report is the result of a task conferred on Gérard Roucairol, Teratec's Chairman, and France's General Commission for Investment (CGI) and Directorate-General for Competitiveness, Industry and Services (DGCIS).

It aims to define the stakes involved in the uptake of High Performance Digital Simulation, taking account of the technological developments and breakthroughs underlying current and future generations of computers.

The report also aims to propose measures for more advanced and integrated use of HPC in business sectors in which it is already being used, for wider uptake in new sectors, and to increase the number and the diversity of players capable of using it, while promoting the development of adapted ecosystems.

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